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Sodium metasilicate

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Product introduction and its use

Sodium metasilicate is listed as "China's priority development of fine chemicals" and "the future development of inorganic chemical products in China" one of the quality systems in strict accordance with the national HG/T2568-94 standard implementation of production, is a non-toxic, tasteless, pollution-free white crystalline particles, easily soluble in water, melting point of 72.2℃. Domestic application to detergents and other industries has more than 20 years, is a mature chemical product, but also has a mature and broad market. Among the varieties of sodium metasilicate, the most typical one is sodium metasilicate pentahydrate. It is widely used in the following industries:

Detergent industry

1. Sodium metasilicate has strong anti-grease performance, widely used in the configuration of various washing products, and has a significant role in stabilizing the bleaching agent in detergents. It can not only improve the storage life of bleaching agent, but also has a good synergism, and has a good adsorption effect on the surfactant, and has the effect of suspending and softening dirt.

2. Sodium metasilicate can also be used as metal surface treatment and cleaning agent, it can provide excellent alkaline buffer, to metal (zinc, aluminum, etc.) to provide anti-corrosion protection.

Textile printing and dyeing industry

It is mainly used as pre-treatment agent for textile printing and dyeing. Its main uses include desizing, desulfurizing and stabilizing hydrogen peroxide.

Papermaking and printing industry

It can be used as adhesive, used paper deinking agent, paper surface treating agent and printing stain remover.

Ceramic industry

Mainly used as ceramic grinding aid. Especially suitable for ceramic mud grouting additive.



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