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Sodium Metasilicate anhydrous

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  • Jul
    Sodium metasilicate

    Product introduction and its useSodium metasilicate is listed as "China's priority development of fine chemicals" and "the future development of inorganic chemical products in China" one of the quality systems in strict accordance with the national HG/T2568-94 standard implementation of production.

  • Jul
    Sodium metasilicate market prospect

    Market prospectIn recent years, sodium metasilicate with the rapid development of ceramics and other related industries, the market demand is also growing rapidly. Anhydrous sodium metasilicate increased from several thousand tons to nearly 100,000 tons;

  • Jun
    Know about sodium metasilicate

    When mixed with water, sodium metasilicate makes a highly effective cleaner that can remove dirt and marks from walls in preparation for painting and attack stubborn soils on siding when cleaning the exterior of a home.

  • Jun
    Sodium Metasilicate Anhydrous


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