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Dichloromethane is an organic compound with the chemical formula CH2Cl2, which is a colorless and transparent liquid.

CAS#: 75-09-2

CLASS 6.1  UN: 1593


270kg/drum, 80 drums, 21.6MT/20FCL, without pallets.



1. Used for grain fumigation and refrigeration of low-pressure refrigerators and air conditioning devices.

2. Used as a solvent, extractant, and mutagen.

3. Used in the electronics industry. Commonly used as a cleaning and degreasing agent.

4. Used as a local anesthetic for dentistry, a refrigerant, a fire extinguishing agent, and a degreaser and film remover for cleaning metal surface coatings.

5. Used as an intermediate in organic synthesis.

China Market analysis:

1. At the raw material level, the price of liquid chlorine has increased, while the price of methanol has remained relatively stable, with a small increase.

2. Currently, demand dominates the market, with downstream purchases mainly driven by rigid demand.

The replenishment cycle has ended, the market has stabilized, and the short-term methylene chloride market has fluctuated frequently.

3. At present, product prices have been slightly increased, and are expected to rise further in the future.

Geographical Regional Spread of Dichloromethane (DCM) Market

· North America: United States Canada

· Europe: Germany France U.K. Italy Russia

· Asia-Pacific: China Japan South Korea India Australia China Taiwan Indonesia Thailand Malaysia

· Latin America: Mexico Brazil Argentina Korea Colombia

· Middle East & Africa: Turkey Saudi Arabia UAE Korea



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