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Maersk reduces routes.

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Maersk announces cessation of TP20 US East Coast service

On May 31, Maersk’s official website released an announcement, announcing that its TP20 US East Coast service will officially end in the next few weeks.

The route was originally designed to supplement shipping services between Asia and the East Coast of the United States. However, due to the continued deterioration of the current Red Sea situation, including shipping delays and capacity restrictions, Maersk decided to stop the TP20 service and reorganize the route network to better adapt to and meet customer needs.

Maersk’s announcement information is as follows:


Mediterranean suspension-Maersk announced flight delays and suspension due to severe port congestion

Shipping giant Maersk announced on Monday (June 3) that its shipping schedule was significantly delayed due to severe congestion at major ports in the Mediterranean and Asia. This congestion has significantly extended waiting times at ports, seriously affecting Maersk's ability to maintain a normal shipping schedule.

In response to the current port congestion, Maersk plans to launch two blank voyages in the coming weeks. The first is to cancel the 425W voyage operated by the "MSC AMELIA" on the AE11 route from Qingdao to Valencia on July 1, 2024, and then cancel the 426W voyage operated by the "MSC MIRJAM" on the AE15 route from Busan to Tekirdag on July 2, 2024. These two voyages will be suspended.




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