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In June, Sea Freight Continued To Rise

Views: 0     Author: Alice     Publish Time: 2024-06-05      Origin: Site


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Background: Freight rates have risen sharply due to increased demand due to tensions in the Red Sea and a recovering global economy.

Cma CGM price increase: FAK rate increase from Asia to Mediterranean North Africa, North Africa freight rate is close to 7800 USD /FEU. 20-foot cabinets increase by $400- $500, 40-foot cabinets and 40-foot tall cabinets increase by $800- $1000. Effective date: May 15-31, 2024.

Maersk increases prices: Peak Season surcharges (PSS) are imposed worldwide, with a maximum surcharge of $2,000 for South American routes. Several destinations and effective dates vary, such as the West Coast of South America on May 1, Vietnam to the West Coast of South America on May 12, etc.

Hapag-lloyd price increase: the imposition of high season surcharges in Africa, the cost of 250-600 US dollars. FAK rates between the Far East and Northern Europe and the Mediterranean have increased to $550 for a 20-foot dry box and $1,100 for a 40-foot dry box. Effective date: 15 May 2024.




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