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Demand to pin down the ketone market to open a downward mode

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From the export point of view, affected by the maintenance of Japanese equipment, there is a gap in the supply of Asian market, and China's butyl ketone export advantage is obvious. According to customs statistics, from January to April, China's butyl ketone exports totaled 75,600 tons, up 67.49% year-on-year. Monthly exports averaged 18,900 tons, well above the level of the same period last year. At present, some of the main domestic factories supply goods for export, short-term port, production and sales are temporarily under no pressure, and the quotation remains strong. However, due to the rising sea freight, container supply shortage and other factors, TANK and barrel exports do not have an advantage, and butanone market price rose 7.35% from the previous month, exporters are not highly motivated to operate, more to stay on the sidelines. However, compared with domestic demand, exports are still the main growth point, and it is expected that the volume of butanone exports will remain high in May.

On the whole, with the subsequent arrival of ships and goods to the port, the supply side of the East China market will continue to be under pressure, while the supply of goods in South China is more concentrated, due to limited arbitrage space, the impact of external sources is less, and the decline is less than that in East China. In the short term, due to the continued weakening of terminal demand, market transactions are difficult to turn around, some factories have few new orders, and under the shipping pressure, transactions have made profits. It is preliminarily expected that the weak pattern of the butanone market will continue to the end of the month, and in early June, with the arrival of cargo, it will accelerate the downward rhythm of the market, and the industry will wait for a new round of stocking cycle to start.




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