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  • Feb
    High quality Oxalic Acid 96% 99.6% CAS. No. 6153-56-6

    High quality Oxalic Acid 96% 99.6% CAS. No. 6153-56-6 Feb 20.20231.IntroduceCAS NO.: 6153-56-6Molecular Forula: H2C2O4.2H2OProperty: white transparent crystal combining wo crystal

  • Feb
    Sodium chlorate for industrial grade CAS No 7775-09-9

    Sodium chlorate for industrial grade CAS No 7775-09-91. Detail description:Product Name Sodium chlorateProduct Model 25KG/50KG/1000KGCAS No 7775-09-9EC No 231-887-4Molecular Formula NaClO32. Certificate of analysisnaturechemical formula NaClO 3Molar mass 106.

  • Feb
    ​​Potassium hydroxide for industrial grade for industrial grade

    Qingdao Hisea Chem-Potassium hydroxide for industrial grade1. Detail description: HS code: 281520CAS No.: 1310-58-3Chemical Formula:KOHAppearance: White flakes or colorless liquid 2. Certificate of analysis Product name: Potassium hydroxideBatch Number2020901: Manu. Date2020.9.1StandardHG/T 3688-20

  • Feb
    Monochloroacetic acid / MCA Cas No.:79-11-8

    Monochloroacetic acid / MCA Cas No.:79-11-8Jan 09, 2023Product info:Product name: Monochloroacetic acid / MCA / Chloroacetic acidCas No.: 79-11-8Molecular formula: C2H3ClO2UN Class: 6.1UN No.: 1751 Product Specification: Product Usage:Determination of zinc, calcium, silicon and titanium.Synthesis of

  • Feb
    DOTP: A look at recent industry profit capture

    DOTP: A look at recent industry profit captureSince entering 2023, the domestic DOTP market profitability is poor, losses and slight profit situation is normalized. In view of the industry profitability is hampered by the raw material surface conduction obvious, especially raw material octanol fluct

  • Feb
    Propylene: Brief Analysis of Propylene Import and Export in FY2022

    Propylene: Brief Analysis of Propylene Import and Export in FY2022In FY2022, China's propylene imports totaled 2,337,300 tons, down 6.3% from 2021; exports totaled 38,800 tons, down 57.84% from last year. On the whole, the foreign dependence of propylene decreases from 5.5% in 2021 to 4.88% in 2022.

  • Feb
    DMF: 2022 Market Summary and 2023 Outlook

    DMF: 2022 Market Summary and 2023 OutlookIntroduction: In 2022, China's DMF market ushered in a period of capacity expansion, but affected by a number of aspects, downstream demand shrinks, exports also showed a certain proportion of decline, the market supply and demand weak equilibrium situation w

  • Feb
    Methanol: general fundamentally driven

    Methanol: general fundamentally drivenIn the domestic market, last weekend, with the previous market transfer up, the downstream resistance to the high level gradually thickened, the field trading atmosphere turned light, methanol enterprise storage pressure increased, this week's quotes generally f

  • Feb
    Hot Sale 99.5% Min CAS No 108-31-6 Ma Maleic Anhydride

    Contact us Eloise ADD:ROOM 2010, NO. 9 FUZHOU SOUTH ROAD, XINSHIJIE BUILDING, SHINAN DISTRICT, QINGDAO, CHINCorp: Qingdao Hisea Chem Co.,LtdWebsite: www.hiseachem.comWhatsapp:+86 17661291008Wechat:13864297848SKYPE:Hisea chemQQ:2981752527Email:ope@hiseachem.comCUSTOMER`S SATISFICATION IS ALL MY LIFE

  • Feb
    Sodium Formate Industrial Grade CAS No.: 141-53-7

    Sodium Formate Industrial Grade CAS No.: 141-53-7 Specification ItemSpecificationsSupper classQualifiedHCOONa, % ≥95.090.0NaOH, % ≤0.500.50Na2CO3, % ≤0.500.50Sulfide(S), % ≤0.040.04Moisture (H2O), % ≤1.05.0AppearanceWhite crystal or powder odium formate Chemical PropertiesMelting point 259-262 °C(li

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