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Hydrogen Peroxide Market in Many Weak North Significantly Downward

Views: 0     Author: Claire     Publish Time: 2024-06-05      Origin: Site


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In recent years, Shandong supply side of the commodity quantity is sufficient, water enterprises are mainly orders, the main downstream paper mill demand reduction is difficult to form a strong support for the market, but the local caprolactam plant is still in the maintenance state has not yet started, thus conducting hydrogen peroxide market continued weak, high prices fall, order new price down, the overall trading atmosphere is cold, Overall inventories are expected to rise in a narrow range this week.

In the next 6-7 months, a total of 990,000 tons of hydrogen peroxide devices in Shandong will enter the overhaul, which will form a certain support for the market price, but it is also accompanied by 200,000 tons of new production capacity, and the market needs to pay further attention to the signing of main water enterprises and device changes.




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