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  • May
    Ethyl acetate: soaring prices

    During the May Day holiday, some acetic acid manufacturers reduced the load and had maintenance plans. Supported by the reduction of supply, the price of acetic acid began to rise during the holiday. Under the support of cost, ethyl acetate may have some upward expectations. During the holidays,

  • May
    Ethylene glycol: the off-season is coming, and the market rebound is weak

    Since the outbreak of the domestic epidemic in April, provinces have implemented traffic control, with limited delivery and transportation. Zhangjiagang and Taicang have been strictly sealed, which has seriously affected the delivery efficiency. The port inventory continues to accumulate, and the in

  • May
    Ethylene oxide: weakening cost support and poor demand. How to deduce the ethylene oxide Market

    Since the large-scale counterattack of the domestic epidemic, the production and transportation in the region have been limited, and the terminal infrastructure industry has almost stagnated due to the impact of public health events. The bottom-up constraints from the demand side make it difficult

  • May
    Styrene: analysis of China's styrene import and export data in the first quarter

    In the first quarter of 2022, China's styrene import volume decreased significantly. According to the customs data, the cumulative import volume from January to march was 386600 tons, a significant decrease of 118600 tons or 23.47% over the same period in 2021. In the first quarter of this year,

  • May
    Butanone: good gradually digest the market and enter the downward channel

    Introduction: in April, the early benefits of the domestic butanone market were gradually digested. After more than half a month of consolidation, the market began to turn to the downward channel. Due to the high profit level of butanone, the price decline led to the aggravation of panic,

  • May
    Ethylene oxide analysis in April

    In April, the quotation of ethylene market in Asia fell continuously, and the overall atmosphere of ethylene market in Northeast Asia was weak; The ethylene market in Southeast Asia is still relatively tight. Under the background of the shock and fall of crude oil and naphtha prices, the price

  • May
    Methanol industry chain: crude oil drives the rise and fall

    Methanol industry chain: crude oil drives the rise and fall1、 Review on the operation of methanol and downstream industrial chain last monthIn March 2022, the price index of methanol and downstream industry chain rose more or fell less. As of March 31, the methanol industry chain price index closed

  • Apr
    Titanium dioxide: market analysis in the first quarter of 2022

    1、 Price analysisIn the first quarter of 2022, there were two rounds of price increases in China, with a price increase range of 600-100 yuan / ton, but the final implementation of the recent two rounds of price increases was not ideal. The international titanium dioxide giants have sent letters to

  • Apr
    DMF: rebound after oversold, still waiting for demand to pick up

    In the first ten days of April, the domestic DMF market fell by a cliff, with a cumulative price decline of more than 2800 yuan / ton. Then it began to rebound rapidly after the middle of the year. In only four working days, the market rose by more than 1000 yuan, and there is still expectation of

  • Apr
    Methanol: the recent methanol market in North China is strong

    Over the past week, the overall focus of methanol prices in North China has risen. According to the data, in the past week, the mainstream price in Hebei increased by 100-120 yuan / ton, while that in Shanxi increased by 550-140 yuan / ton. The main driving force of the recent rise comes from the

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