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Maersk and Dexun have come to judge about freight!

Views: 0     Author: Claire     Publish Time: 2024-05-31      Origin: Site


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With the passage of time, the impact of the detour caused by the situation in the Red Sea is still emerging. Recently, the container freight rate has risen again, and the general problem of "lack of boxes" is serious. "The freight rate has begun to rise again, and you can't grab the box at all!" This time, the "lack of boxes" is essentially a lack of space.

According to the latest market report released by Kuehne Nagel, the world's largest shipping forwarding company, the overall cabin conditions on European routes in May are relatively tight, and freight rates are expected to continue to rise in the next two weeks. In terms of U.S. routes, the loading rate of U.S. routes continue to be fully loaded in the first half of the month, especially in the United States and the West. The situation of limited low-cost space and tight FAK space will continue until the second half of the year.


Maersk said that due to a series of chain reactions such as ship accumulation, delays and shortages of equipment and capacity, it is estimated that the entire industry capacity from the Far East to the Nordic and Mediterranean markets will lose 15% to 20% in the second quarter. In order to meet this challenge, Maersk is improving reliability by speeding up navigation and increasing capacity, and has leased an additional 125,000 containers.


Many shipping companies have adjusted their operating strategies to avoid the Red Sea area affected by Houthis attacks. At present, although the backlog of goods and port congestion have been alleviated, the continuous adjustment measures have still led to some interruptions. Given that the situation in the Red Sea region and the geopolitical situation in the Middle East are difficult to solve in the short term, it is expected that freight rates will remain at a high level and may rise further in mid-May.



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