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Port congestion is severe around the world

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There is serious congestion in ports around the world, including the backlog of containers in the port of Singapore, the world's second largest port, which exceeds a staggering 450,000 containers, and a large number of ships are queuing outside the port. The ships are expected to wait up to seven days.

At the Durban port in South Africa, more than 90 ships are waiting outside because of extreme weather and equipment failures, and the congestion is expected to last for months. The Jebel Al porti and Colombo port also have a backlog of tens of thousands of containers, causing congestion at the ports and rising freight rates.

In fact, the impact of the Red Sea crisis on global shipping has begun to break out, the shipping season has arrived in advance and will continue, the current market is not only a shortage of ships, containers are also in short supply, with the arrival of the peak season, the congestion of these terminals will increase, the supply of ships and containers will become increasingly tight.



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