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  • Jun
    Exporting Acetic Acid to the World in the Past Year
    As a leading exporter of acetic acid in China, we have been closely monitoring the market trends and dynamics of this chemical in the past year, especially in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the trade tensions between major economies, and the changing demands of customers.Here are some key obs
  • Jun
    Late week ethylene glycol prices rebounded to the upside
    Introduction: This week's market fell first and then rose, crude oil fell at the beginning of the week to drive the market opened lower, Tuesday began to macro news positive expectations of the commodity market as a whole stabilized to good, ethylene glycol gradually slowly lift, the supply side of
  • Jun
    Acetone market is expected to fluctuate in a narrow range next week
    This week, the domestic acetone market centre of gravity was firm and upward. As of the close of business on June 15, the negotiated price in East China was at RMB5200/ton, up 4.00% from last week. At present, imported resources arrive limited, port inventory shock low, the domestic phenol ketone de
  • Jun
    Short-term market focus on cost and supply changes for cyclohexanone
    1.6/14: US commercial crude oil and refined oil inventories grew across the board, and the Fed suspended interest rate hikes but hinted that the hiking cycle was not over, international oil prices fell. nymex crude oil futures 07 contract 68.27 down $1.15/bbl or 1.66%; ICE bunker oil futures 08 cont
  • Jun
    methylene chloride market or finishing operation
    Today, the domestic dichloromethane market is running steadily, the overall transaction atmosphere is light, the weak demand environment continues, forming a certain retreat to the market, and the raw material end of methanol prices continue to fall, the cost side of the price is not supported, the
  • Jun
    The market for hydrogen peroxide remained lukewarm in the mid-term phase.
    May hydrogen peroxide market push up after the fall, mainly by the northern market supply side of the main water enterprises device accident impact full-line parking, commodity volume reduced, coupled with the festival in the downstream just need to replenish goods, the main producing areas of water
  • Jun
    It is expected that the domestic ethanol market price is expected to be weak this week
    1, 6/9: The market is still worried that the European and American economies may fall into recession, and the European Central Bank said that it will not stop raising interest rates in the short term, international oil prices fell. NYMEX crude oil futures 07 contract 70.17 fell $1.12 / barrel, or 1.
  • Jun
    The overall market maintained a predominance of just-in-time purchases
    In May, Heilongjiang area orders focus on fuel is still dominated by the main plant to switch to the maximum load of fuel, edible to maintain a low level of operation, delivery contracts for large orders. May Day after the return of the holiday, raw material corn prices continue to narrowly oscilla
  • Jun
    The positive momentum of foreign trade is expected to continue further
    In the first quarter of this year, China's foreign trade import and export started smoothly and improved month by month. According to customs statistics, the total value of China's foreign trade imports and exports in the first quarter was 9.89 trillion yuan, up 4.8% year-on-year, including exports
  • May
    Short-term domestic ethylene glycol market continues weak pattern
    1, market concerns about the feasibility of the U.S. debt ceiling agreement resurfaced, while market sentiment was cautious before the OPEC+ meeting, international oil prices fell.2、East China main port inventory was 933,100 tonnes on May 29, down 64,500 tonnes from the previous cycle.3, Glycol capa
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