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Short-term diethylene glycol or if the trend runs mainly, the late need to see changes in demand

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1, the United States commercial crude oil inventories fell, and summer fuel demand is expected to be good, international oil prices continue to rise.

2、The overall capacity utilisation rate of domestic unsaturated resin was 30%, no change from the previous cycle.

3. On 23 May, Zhangjiagang shipped a total of 1,370 tonnes to the two depots, an increase of 200 tonnes compared to the previous day. As of now, the inventory of the two depots is 22,300 tonnes.

The diethylene glycol market was weak yesterday, with spot closing at RMB 6640/mt in East China. Short-term domestic diethylene glycol market supply and demand is more difficult to match, downstream participation is poor, market sentiment is suppressed, in addition to the general market trend is difficult to have effective guidance, short term diethylene glycol or if the trend is running mainly, later need to see changes in demand.



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