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Here is the Acetone content list of Introduction、Function and use

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Acetone is a colorless, transparent liquid with a special odor and flammability. As an important organic compound, let's get closer to the world of acetone and learn more about it


Here is the content list:


Function and use


I. Introduction

Physical properties: Acetone has a boiling point of 56.5 degrees Celsius, a freezing point of -159.3 degrees Celsius, and a density of about 0.78 g/cm ³.

Chemical properties: Acetone has strong reducing and oxidizing properties, and can be oxidized into other compounds by a variety of oxidants. It can also be reduced to alcohols. In addition, acetone can also undergo chemical reactions such as hydrolysis reaction and polymerization reaction.

Function: Acetone is mainly used in the field of foreign trade for chemical raw materials, fuel cell electrolytes, supercapacitor electrolytes and so on. In the chemical industry, acetone is mainly used to synthesize other compounds, such as phenol and aniline. In the fuel cell and supercapacitor industries, acetone can improve the energy density and power density of batteries or capacitors. In addition, acetone is also widely used in drug synthesis, detection and other fields.


2.Function and use

Role in the chemical industry: Acetone is one of the important chemical raw materials and can be used to synthesize other compounds. For example, it can be used to produce phenol, aniline and other chemical products. These products are widely used in coating, medicine, pesticides and other fields.

Role in the fuel cell industry: Acetone can improve the conductivity and stability of fuel cells, thereby improving their performance and service life. Therefore, acetone is widely used in the electrolyte of fuel cells.

Role in the supercapacitor industry: Acetone can improve the energy density and power density of supercapacitors, thus making them more efficient and practical.

Role in drug synthesis: Acetone plays an important role in drug synthesis. It can be used as an intermediate to participate in the synthesis of drugs, improve the efficacy of drugs and reduce costs.

Role in detection: Acetone can be used as an oxidizing agent in some common organic reactions. It hardens the benzene ring and aldehyde group, making its presence an important indicator in research.


In short, acetone, as an important organic compound, occupies an irreplaceable position in the foreign trade market. Its unique chemical properties and wide range of applications make acetone play an indispensable role in industrial production and daily life. In the future, with the development of market demand and technological progress, the foreign trade prospects of acetone will be broader.If you are interested in Acetone, you can contact us. Our website is www.hiseachem.com.




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