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DOP: the market opens a channel for exploration

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Recently, the domestic DOP industry is dominated by the downward trend, and the trading situation is poor. Under the multiple pressures of weak demand and low raw material prices, the low price of DOP market continues to increase, the bearish sentiment of operators is also intensified, and their expectations for the future market are also poor, so they are cautious to participate in the market.

The leading downward adjustment of raw octanol is the main driving factor for the downward exploration of DOP market. The main factor for the rapid and wide decline of raw octanol is also the weak demand side. When the long-term delivery is not smooth, there is also a certain inventory accumulation. When the delivery is not smooth, the phenomenon of low price delivery is common, but it faces continuous decline, and the trading is also rare.

O-phthalic anhydride has also maintained a downward trend recently. At a time when the production and sales of main downstream plasticizers and unsaturated resins are not booming, the demand for phthalic anhydride has shrunk significantly, especially in the recent wide decline of plasticizers, and the resistance to phthalic anhydride has intensified. Under the condition of shipping, the low price of phthalic anhydride market has also increased. At present, the price difference between o-phthalic anhydride and naphthalene phthalic anhydride has widened again, and the negative pressure on o-phthalic anhydride has intensified. On the basis of serious upside down of phthalic anhydride merchants, the phenomenon of plant shutdown is also obvious.

The terminal demand side is weak. At present, it is already in the off-season stage. The production and sales of PVC soft products industry are not booming, and it is expected to decline by superposition. The enthusiasm of the industry to participate in the market continues to decline. When the long-term delivery of goods is not smooth, the spot supply of DOP industry is also sufficient, and the active shipment status of all merchants continues; The octanol and phthalic anhydride markets are also poor, and there is room for decline in the later period. Therefore, for DOP, whether the contradiction between supply and demand is prominent, or the upstream and downstream are affected by negative factors. It is expected that the market still has room to fall, and small orders in rigid demand are normalized.




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