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DMF: The end of September is bleak, setting a new low for the year

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DMF: The end of September is bleak, setting a new low for the year

Since September, the domestic DMF market has fallen sharply. At the beginning of the month, Jiujiang Xinlian's new 100,000-ton/year DMF plant was put into operation, which caused obvious negative pressure on the market. The middle and lower reaches are less motivated to enter the market. The price fell from a high of more than 10,000 yuan to early August. In the second half of the year, driven by downstream stocking before the National Day, low-priced shipments in the market improved, and prices briefly stopped falling and rebounded slightly. But near the end of the month, the ex-factory price was lowered again as the demand cooled after the stocking was completed.

Compared with the trend in recent years, after entering the traditional peak season in September last year, the DMF market and downstream pulp prices have shown an upward trend, especially since Jiangshan Chemical's delisting in 2020, the supply-side support has been strengthened, and mainstream manufacturers have controlled the market. The higher the strength, the greater the market gains. In September this year, the quality was insufficient, the downstream demand recovery was limited, the new production capacity was released, the DMF market was rare, and the overall atmosphere was weak.

Currently, September is coming to an end. With the completion of stocking before the National Day, the market demand has cooled, and the willingness of factories to arrange warehouses still exists. In terms of post-holiday supply, the start of new equipment has led to an increase in supply compared with the same period of previous years. During the National Day holiday, the factory inventory was backlogged, while the terminal demand for synthetic leather, pharmaceuticals and pesticides and other industries are not strong, and basically only trade is required. The view is that the market is very popular. The contradiction between supply and demand in the market still exists, and October may be worrying.




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