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Butanol: Profits have risen slightly, but still at historically low levels

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Butanol: Profits have risen slightly, but still at historically low levels

Since June this year, with the continuous decline of the butanol-octanol market, the theoretical profit of the butanol-octanol industry has been continuously compressed. In mid-August, the profit of butanol-octanol fell to a negative value. Although the profit of butanol-octanol has turned into a profit since the middle and late August , but still at historically low levels of profit.

In view of the above situation, the demand situation of downstream factories will be the dominant factor in determining the trend of the domestic butanol-octanol market. The downstream of n-butanol is mainly butyl acrylate (n-butanol consumption is about 60%), butyl acetate (n-butanol consumption is about 20%) and DBP (n-butanol consumption is about 15%). The downstream products of octanol are mainly plasticizer products: DOTP (consumption of octanol is about 55%), DOP (consumption of octanol is about 30%), and some environmental plasticizers (consumption of octanol is about 10%). %), and a small amount of isooctyl acrylate (octanol consumption is about 5%).

The downstream acrylate and butyl acetate terminals of n-butanol are mostly related to the construction industry such as coatings and adhesives. Currently, under the influence of the epidemic situation, the construction industry has been severely impacted. The amount will inevitably decrease significantly, driving the domestic n-butanol consumption to continue to decline.

The downstream plasticizer terminals of octanol mostly involve direct consumption industries such as leather and shoe materials. Affected by the lack of terminal consumer demand, the demand for octanol also continued to decline. The government has introduced a number of policies to promote consumption, gradually driving the slow recovery of the market, but there has been no obvious change in the short term.

To sum up, in view of the weakness of the overall downstream plasticizer and the overall demand in the end product market, it is difficult to fundamentally reverse, and it is expected that the profit of butanol and octanol will remain at a historically low level.



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