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After the festival, the market exceeded expectations and the price of glacial acetic acid continued to rise!

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Some dynamics of the glacial acetic acid market after the May Day holiday can be further analyzed as follows:




1. ** Narrow inventory adjustment ** : After the May Day holiday, the inventory of glacial acetic acid enterprises was adjusted by a small margin. This may mean that during the holiday season, market demand and production activity maintained a certain balance, and there was no large-scale inventory overhang or shortage.


2. ** Factory Overhaul Plan ** : With the development of the factory overhaul plan this month, the market expects that the supply may be reduced. During the overhaul, the factory may temporarily reduce or stop production, which usually leads to tight supply in the market.


3. ** Market mentality support ** : Due to the introduction of the overhaul plan, market participants may expect future supply reduction, so as to advance purchases to ensure supply, this expectation supports the market mentality and promotes trading activity.


4. ** Prices continue to rise ** : In the case of reduced supply expectations and a positive market mentality, the market price of glacial acetic acid may continue to rise. Higher prices may further stimulate the willingness of market participants to buy, as they may expect further price increases.


5. ** Market trading mood is better ** : Trading activity in the market is likely to become more active due to higher prices and reduced supply expectations. Buyers may be eager to lock in supply before prices rise further, while sellers may take advantage of the activity in the market to boost sales.


Taken together, these dynamics in the ice acetic acid market after the May Day holiday suggest that the market is responding to the upcoming plant overhaul and supply reduction. This reaction could lead to a short-term increase in prices and an increase in market trading activity. However, market participants should also pay close attention to the progress and actual impact of plant overhaul, as well as other factors that may affect the supply and demand balance, in order to better manage risks and seize market opportunities.


An in-depth understanding of the market price of glacial acetic acid

Reasons for the price increase :

++ Inventory drawdown: drawdown in business inventories provided support for higher prices. Low inventory levels mean tight supply, which usually leads to higher prices.

++ Factory Overhaul program: The upcoming factory overhaul program has increased market expectations of future supply reductions, thus supporting current prices.


Market Mentality :

The mentality of operators has been supported due to inventory reduction and overhaul plans, which may mean that they have increased confidence in the market and are willing to buy or hold ice acetic acid at a higher price.


Prices continue to rise:

Prices may continue to rise as factory inventories are gradually reduced. This trend is likely to continue until inventory levels recover or market expectations change.


Enterprise Mentality:

The support of the corporate mentality suggests that market participants may view current price levels as reasonable or that they expect prices to rise further.


Downstream price transmission:

What needs attention is whether the increase in the price of glacial acetic acid will be transmitted to downstream products and markets. If the downstream market can accept higher costs, the current upward price trend may continue. Otherwise, if downstream markets respond sensitively to cost increases, further price increases may be inhibited.


Market Forecast:

Market prices are likely to remain relatively firm in the short term, according to Lonzo Information's forecast. This means that the market expects tight supply conditions to continue while demand remains stable or grows.


Follow-up concerns :

In addition to downstream price transmission, attention should also be paid to other factors that may affect supply and demand, such as the introduction of new capacity, market performance of alternatives, macroeconomic conditions, and related policy changes.


Overall, the current state of the glacial acetic acid market shows that changes on the supply side have a significant impact on prices. However, market participants should continuously monitor supply and demand dynamics, inventory levels and relevant market information in order to adjust strategies in a timely manner in response to possible market fluctuations.




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