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A list of these Methanol articles makes it easy for you to quickly access relevant information. We have prepared the following professional Methanol, hoping to help solve your questions and better understand the product information you care about.
  • Sep
    Methanol: Long and short intertwined, North China methanol runs in shock

    Methanol: Long and short intertwined, North China methanol runs in shockIn the first half of this week, methanol manufacturers in the main producing areas continued to cut prices before the holiday, and under the unfavorable influence of weak crude oil driving methanol futures down, the overall meth

  • Jun
    Methanol: how about the fundamental performance of futures falling in succession

    At the beginning of the week, the domestic methanol market fell, and methanol futures fell for four consecutive days, nearly 300 points lower than the previous high. The thermal coal in Bohai Rim ports continues to accumulate, some ports are under great pressure to dredge ports, and traders are more

  • May
    Methanol: multi air interweaving methanol adjustment space or limited

    Under the influence of dual control of energy consumption, several methanol units in Inner Mongolia have been reduced or shut down, while southwest Sichuan SVW and Lutianhua gas head units have also been reduced in operation due to the impact of limited gas. In addition, some spring inspection

  • Apr
    Methanol: the recent methanol market in North China is strong

    Over the past week, the overall focus of methanol prices in North China has risen. According to the data, in the past week, the mainstream price in Hebei increased by 100-120 yuan / ton, while that in Shanxi increased by 550-140 yuan / ton. The main driving force of the recent rise comes from the

  • Mar
    Methanol: analysis of main factors affecting the recent trend of methanol

    Recently, the domestic methanol market fluctuates frequently, and the price range is large.From the supply side, affected by the local environmental protection control, many methanol units in Jincheng, Shanxi Province, stopped near March 20. It was originally planned to stop until the end of April.

  • Mar
    Methanol: market driving force, focusing on energy performance

    The results of the recent conflict between Russia and Ukraine are still repeated. With the continuous change of the negotiation results, the price trend of oil, coal and gas has reversed continuously, and the methanol market mostly follows the fluctuation. On the whole, the recent high level of the

  • Mar
    Methanol: the upstream and downstream markets increased significantly

    This week, the domestic methanol market rose significantly, and the prices of energy products such as crude oil and natural gas rose sharply, driving the upward shift of the price focus of coal and downstream coal chemical products. During the week, the macro risk events fluctuated, the armed

  • Mar
    Methanol: crude oil station after 100 methanol market deduction

    Local time on February 24, Russian troops to the black sea and azov began to log in, the Ukrainian military infrastructure by Russian high-precision weapons attack, Ukraine announced the state of war, war between Russia and Ukraine in earnest and the global financial market turmoil, crude oil future

  • Jan
    Methanol Storage

    Methanol is an important organic chemical raw material, and it is widely used in many industries. It can produce formaldehyde, synthetic rubber, methylamine, two methyl methacrylate, methyl chloride, acetic acid and a series of organic chemical products. It is also used for the synthesis of methanol

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