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The overall market maintained a predominance of just-in-time purchases

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In May, Heilongjiang area orders focus on fuel is still dominated by the main plant to switch to the maximum load of fuel, edible to maintain a low level of operation, delivery contracts for large orders. May Day after the return of the holiday, raw material corn prices continue to narrowly oscillating finishing, followed by cassava dry price fluctuations run, the cost side support weak, boosting space is limited; followed by ddgs prices follow the downward trend; Henan region in the festival enterprise device did not stop, inventory increased, prices weakened after stabilization, a large plant device failure short stop, go faster, prices rose slightly, the end of the month by the impact of demand off-season, prices weakened again; after the festival Early Hongzhan Jixian, Anhui COFCO resumed work, the field supply momentary increment, edible price shock downward, large plant purchase prices down; fuel ethanol May Day consumption within the festival stable, fuel pre-high transactions, and the Northwest device has not resumed production, prices firm; festival followed by just demand consumption, the field supply continued to increment, prices further downward, regional adjustment led to nationwide oscillation, Shandong, northern Jiangsu prices downward In the midst of the festival, prices continued to increase as supply continued to increase, with regional adjustments leading to nationwide shocks and downward price adjustments in Shandong and northern Jiangsu. Demand side to see: the terminal recovery is limited, it is difficult to drive the field demand improvement, liquor demand shrinkage, new demand side replenishment is limited, demand side negative sentiment spread. Logistics side to see: logistics transport improved, downstream lifting stable after the logistics freight prices narrowly downward. Terminal demand is weak, the overall market to maintain the predominantly just demand for procurement.

Edible pressure was high in Jilin and fuel stocks were high in Heilongjiang. As of the end of the month, new orders for general grade were quoted with reference to RMB 5,950-6,100/tonne, with limited share of new orders and low-end transactions dominating. Cassava ethanol prices in northern Jiangsu continued to move downwards in the region. The chemical industry continued to just demand procurement. Dried cassava prices in the field to continue the weak downward trend, as of the end of the month Thailand dried cassava FOB prices 260-263 USD / tonne, sea freight 12-16 USD / tonne. This month, East China cassava ethanol start rate of 40.25%, this month, East China flower hall in the early low running, the second half of the load boost, irrigation South shutdown, Jin Changlin production, Guohua production, Kande shutdown, Changxing production, Longhe production, Fulai Chun continue to shutdown, Maibohui production, Su alcohol shutdown, the production of Haiti. The overall field supply is running steadily, downstream consumption is limited, factory profit loss production is the main focus, as of the end of the month, the transaction price reference 6450-6500 yuan / ton.



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