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Methanol: Analysis of the recent start of methanol industry chain

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Methanol: Analysis of the recent start of methanol industry chain

Due to the recent epidemic, the restart of some parking devices was delayed in the early stage. In addition to cost pressures, gas restrictions and routine maintenance and other factors, in addition to the centralized shutdown of methanol plants in Shanxi, major methanol plants in Inner Mongolia, Sichuan and Hubei were also shut down. From the end of October to November In the first half of the month, a total of about 3.4 million tons of domestic production capacity was shut down, resulting in a significant tightening of the domestic methanol supply.

From the traditional downstream point of view, the operating rate of most products has declined: the impact of the epidemic on the terminal operation, and the reduction in demand is an important reason for the decline of methanol downstream: on the other hand, there is the pressure on the cost side. Large-scale installations shut down or reduce production. While MTBE and DMF started to remain stable, or even slightly higher.

product nameOctober 28November 3up/down
dimethyl ether10.40%9.80%-0.60%
acetic acid88%85%-3%

In terms of emerging downstream, in addition to the shutdown of Nanjing Chengzhi’s 1.3 million tons/year, Henan Zhongyuan Petrochemical’s 200,000 tons/year and Jiang Xingxing’s 600,000 tons/year MTO plant, Changzhou Fude olefins plant has been restarted at the end of October. However, due to the large theoretical loss of olefins, there is little intention to restart the shutdown device.



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