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Market trends of some classified products

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Market trends of some classified products

Methanol: In October, the focus of my country's methanol market was high and then low. This month, the mainland methanol market rose first and then fell, with the overall focus moving down. At the beginning of the National Day holiday, the market was affected by the sharp rise in the price of crude oil during the holiday and the expectation of downstream replenishment, and the quotation rose sharply. At the beginning of the month, some markets had an increase of more than 200 yuan/ton. However, the downstream and trade operations are cautious, and some purchases are suspended due to high prices. This month, the olefin plants in Central and East China were shut down, and some plants in Shandong and East China also maintained low loads. In addition, a new plant in Inner Mongolia began to be deployed. The demand side did not increase, and the overall supply and demand balance tended to be loose, and the enthusiasm for trade to acquire goods further declined. The prevention and control efforts in the Northwest and North China have been upgraded again, and the consumption areas have stricter requirements for incoming vehicles from the Northwest, and other events will affect this month, and the logistics freight is rapidly approaching the high point of the year. Environmental protection has reduced the start-up load, but it has failed to improve the supply and demand pattern. In terms of ports, the post-holiday market opened sharply higher due to the holiday atmosphere and high prices in the mainland. In the follow-up, due to the poor profit of downstream products, there was a lack of continuous operation momentum, and futures were expected to run in a downward channel during the weak month. The spot performance was first weak and then strong. Due to tight profits, some demand in East China declined. An olefin plant in Zhejiang was overhauled. Although there are rumors of restarting Changzhou Olefins, there is currently no progress due to the operation of downstream plants. Factory inventory also declined. However, this month, the port spot has gradually tightened, and the Iranian shipments failed to increase significantly in the early stage, and there were not many cargoes arriving in the port in the early stage of this month. Since the middle of the month, the East China port has suspended the unloading due to the weather, and the port has gone to the warehouse during the month, and some operators near the delivery have just received the goods. somewhat recovered.

Formaldehyde: The domestic formaldehyde market rose first and then fell this month, and the cost support was unstable. During the festival, the formaldehyde factory continued the market with the sharp rise in raw materials, and the negotiation atmosphere in the market was good. Although some downstream board factories were closed for holidays, the remaining board factories could still receive goods, and the production enterprises shipped relatively smoothly; in the middle of the month , The main production areas of formaldehyde are affected by competition in the same industry, the market is frequently low prices, the focus of on-site negotiation continues to decline, the downstream receipt of goods just needs to dominate, and some others wait and see the market; In the short term, the start of downstream construction is reduced, and the demand is difficult to improve in the short term, and the production enterprises maintain a stable market.

MTBE: In October 2022, the domestic MTBE market fluctuated and fell, with a drop of 4.83% at the end of this month compared with the end of last month. Facing the November holiday at the beginning of the month, the international crude oil trend during the festival was relatively good. In addition, the downstream industry restocked moderately after the festival, the trading atmosphere heated up, and the market price rose. Manufacturers mainly lowered their offers, basically reverting the previous increase, and the price of raw material carbon 4 also fell. The cost support was insufficient, and the price was weak and fluctuated. The market continued to decline in the mid-to-late half of the year, the international crude oil trend was weak, and the terminal demand was not good. Manufacturers continued to cut prices for shipments, and the trend in other regions was also not good. Although some manufacturers reduced production or overhauled, they still lost to the flat demand, and manufacturers continued to cut prices. The goods, near the end of the month, rebounded slightly after the price fell to a certain low level, but there was not much room. On the whole, this month's empty and good factors are intertwined, the domestic MTBE market is mainly volatile, and the overall price is mainly the following.

Dimethyl ether: Returned after the holiday in early October, the transportation capacity has recovered, and the market replenishment demand has driven the market atmosphere. The price has risen significantly. With the support of the low supply in the main producing areas, the upstream push is more obvious. Hing good. In the second half of the month, despite the gradual weakening of demand, the superimposed cost market and the liquefied gas market were weak and restrained. After the price stabilized, individual prices declined. The market atmosphere was not good. There is a certain willingness to support the price, but after the inventory pressure gradually increased, the pressure increased, the transaction was flexibly lowered, and the overall purchase was flat. On the whole, the willingness of upstream price adjustment is not strong under the support of low supply, but the market environment has not improved significantly, the impact of the superimposed epidemic has intensified, downstream consumption capacity has weakened, and upstream shipments are limited due to limited capacity. After the atmosphere changed from strong to weak, the buying interest gradually decreased.

Acetic acid: After the National Day holiday, the inventory pressure of most acetic acid factories was not high, especially the price of raw material methanol soared, and the cost benefit was obvious. However, downstream follow-up is weak, cost transfer is difficult, and users have strong resistance to high-priced raw materials. After methanol rapidly rose and fell back, the support on the cost side weakened, and there were fewer working days this month, and contract traders had a strong willingness to ship. In the absence of favorable support, traders are forcing the acetic acid factories to lower their prices in order to stimulate competition at low prices. After a short upward trend, the price of acetic acid quickly entered a downward channel. Until the end of the decade, the acetic acid factory sold again at a loss, and under the psychology of buying up and not buying down in the early stage, the raw material inventory of downstream users was low. After the price of acetic acid was adjusted downwards, it reached the psychological price of users, and the enthusiasm for downstream purchases increased. And with the end of the contract cycle, contract traders can sell less supplies, and offers also rise, and the market stabilizes.



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