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Why the sea freight price rises, the following analysis

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The price increase of the whole route is mainly from South America, the main reason for the price increase in South America is that Brazil will continue to impose tariffs on China's new energy vehicles in the next July and the future, BYD is expected to build a factory in Brazil 20,000 containers, resulting in insufficient capacity, COFAR removed the ship running West Africa and South America led to West Africa's general rise! In addition, the US election has declared that the future will impose 50-60% tariffs on China, which has led some Chinese enterprises to increase investment in South America!

Europe's cargo volume is relatively stable, but due to the impact of the Houthi Red Sea crisis, the shipping schedule is long, resulting in an increase in the number of ships that need to be operated, which will also cause a relative tension in shipping capacity.

In summary, the objective factors, the subjective tacit understanding of the shipowner group price increase is also a relatively big factor!


According to the experience and the future price trend of some shipping companies:

1. The price increase in South America is expected to continue until early June (estimated to be 6,000 in Mexico, 8,000 in Brazil)

2 The relatively stable price reduction in the Middle East is a little difficult, and the price increase is also slightly reduced or maintained

3 European shipping companies are strongly willing to increase prices, with a small amount of cargo support, shipping companies have 2-3 non-arrival ships every month, and CMA has two ships that do not go to Hamburg, which makes it difficult to find Hamburg positions recently. It is expected that it can not rise in June, and it is expected that the big cabinet 50004 Southeast Asia will rise slightly in late May, and it is expected that the increase of 50 US dollars will be achieved every week

5 Africa affected by the reduction of shipping capacity and the impression of the general increase of shipping companies, East Africa is expected to be about 3500-4000.

Strategy: Do have a plan can consider appropriate to occupy a few positions, but also pay attention to the changes of the designated goods, designated goods slow on behalf of the warehouse is really tight, this situation has to plan early! Another is that you can pick up the leak about 5 days before the ship leaves to find the current cabin, and there may be a relatively cheap space!



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