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Pure Benzene: A Brief Analysis of Import and Export in October 2022

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Pure Benzene: A Brief Analysis of Import and Export in October 2022

In October 2022, my country's import volume of pure benzene was 283,300 tons, and the cumulative import volume was 2.5541 million tons. A year-on-year decrease of -8.29%. As of October 2022, my country's cumulative imports of pure benzene have increased by 8.85% over the same period last year.

From the perspective of trading partners, the main source country is South Korea. In October 2022, the import volume from South Korea reached 122,000 tons, accounting for 47.02% of the total import volume of the month. Both the import volume and the proportion of the total volume decreased compared with the previous month. Other importing countries are mainly Brunei, Thailand, Oman, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and other countries. The details of South Korea’s exports in October are as follows: From October 1 to 31, 2022, South Korea exported a total of 171,062 tons of pure benzene, of which 144,581 tons were exported to mainland China, 11,762 tons were exported to Taiwan, 11,865 tons were exported to the United States, and 2,854 tons were exported to Japan. Ton.

In September 2022, Zhejiang Province, where my country's import enterprises are located, accounted for the largest proportion, about 118,000 tons, accounting for 41.66%; Shanghai City ranked second, about 45,900 tons, accounting for 16.21% of the total imports, and Guangdong Province ranked third, about 45,500 tons, accounting for 16.06%.

In terms of export, my country will export 20 tons of pure benzene in September 2022. As of October, a total of 6,221.501 tons of pure benzene will be exported in 2022.

Looking at the market outlook, the Asian-American arbitrage window will continue to be closed, and the downstream demand for pure benzene in Europe and other places will continue to decrease. volume or remain high.



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