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EDC (dichloroethane): supply and demand imbalance, market weakening

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In April, the domestic dichloroethane market was slightly backward and stalemate. Due to the impact of epidemic prevention and control, the main market fell into the situation of weak supply and demand. The operating load of some production enterprises was low, the overall market shipping pressure was small, and the trading range was mainly stable. In May, the impact of some domestic trade ships arriving at the port was superimposed on the VCM device maintenance of Xinpu chemical phase II, the external sales volume of EDC increased, the increase of overall supply released the negative impact, the offer of main factories was loose, and the market transaction negotiated to make profits.

Overseas, the recent trading news of Asian EDC and VCM markets is limited. A major manufacturer in Northeast Asia may announce the sales bidding of EDC installed in June in the middle of the year. Because the continuous blockade and restriction restrain the demand for PVC and reduce the purchasing power of EDC and VCM. Some buyers in China said they did not intend to buy additional EDC or VCM in view of the increased pressure on PVC inventory due to weak demand.

In the future, at present, PVC is still in the centralized maintenance period, and some ethylene PVC manufacturers have entered the maintenance ranks, which has weakened the demand for raw materials EDC and VCM. Due to the impact of the domestic epidemic, the terminal demand follow-up is poor, and the overall demand support is limited. The arrival of domestic trade ships in Hong Kong and the export increment of Xinpu form a bad supply side, and the cargo holders have a strong willingness to make profit and deliver goods. Therefore, it is expected that the market operation will continue to weaken in the near future. However, in the later June, Shanghai chlor alkali and Gulf chemical will stock the maintenance plan, the downstream purchase inventory may be prepared in advance, and the market trading atmosphere may pick up in the latter ten days. In addition, Jiangsu Ruiheng EDC's new production capacity is planned to start at the end of May, and it is necessary to continue to pay attention to the changes in supply and demand.



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