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The role of industrial grade formic acid

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Industrial-grade formic acid has a variety of uses and functions:


1. Chemical Cleaning Agent: Formic acid and its aqueous solutions can dissolve many metals, metal oxides, hydroxides, and salts, making it suitable as a chemical cleaning agent.

2. Industrial Solvent: Due to its good solubility properties, formic acid can be used as an industrial solvent, particularly for dissolving certain organic compounds.

3. Preservative: Formic acid is used in the tanning process of leather or as a preservative due to its preservative properties.

4. De-Icing Agent: Formic acid can be used as a de-icing agent to help clear ice and snow from roads.

5. Agricultural Use: It can also be used as a mite-killing agent in agricultural production.

6. Manufacturing Other Chemicals: Formic acid is a raw material for synthesizing a variety of chemicals, including formate salts and polymerization catalysts.

7. Leather Softener: In the leather industry, calcium formate is used as a tanning agent to soften and prevent dehydration of animal hides.

8. Concrete Additive: Industrial-grade calcium formate is used as a rapid-setting agent, lubricant, and early strength agent for cement, especially in winter construction to prevent slow setting at low temperatures.

9. Hazardous Nature: Formic acid is flammable, and its vapors can form explosive mixtures with air, so special attention to safety is required during use and storage.

10. Corrosiveness: Formic acid is highly corrosive and can corrode aluminum, cast iron, steel, certain plastics, rubber, and coatings, so appropriate protective measures should be taken when handling it.

These uses demonstrate the versatility of industrial-grade formic acid in various industrial sectors, but it is also important to be aware of its potential hazards and corrosiveness to ensure safe use.



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