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The use of propionic acid

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Propionic acid is widely used in food, spices, pesticides, medicine, feed, organic synthesis, chemical reagents and other industries.


1.Used as organic reagent, esterifying agent and plasticizer.  Because propionic acid can dissolve most organic matter, propionic acid is also a common organic solvent.

2.propionic acid in the weakly acidic solution as a buffer (such as galvanized, electroless nickel plating), in the semi-bright nickel plating electrolyte as an additive, in the passivation solution of zinc, cadmium can improve the bonding force of the passivation film, and commonly used to adjust the pH of the weakly acidic bath.

3. synthesis of propionic acid derivatives.  Such as propionate is widely used as catalyst, textile dyeing and leather tanning industry additives;  In addition, sodium propionate, calcium propionate and propionic acid can also be used as food preservatives, and can also provide trace elements such as calcium, sodium and potassium for food or feed.  Propionate formed by lower alcohols is an excellent solvent and is widely used in paint industry.  Propionic acid can also be used to synthesize cellulose propionate, which can be used in automotive parts, television sets and other aspects.


4.the determination of aromatic diamines, gas chromatography analysis standards, can also be used to inhibit the growth of mold in insect cell culture.

5.used as a food preservative, can also be used to preserve poultry feed, 60% of China's production of propionic acid are used for food preservatives and grain preservation.

6.used as a spice intermediate, propionic acid in butter, milk, sour cheese and acetic acid, can be used as a raw material for synthetic spices, giving spices with natural sour taste.

7.used as pharmaceutical intermediates.

The above is the use of propionic acid, if you are interested in propionic acid, you can contact us info@hiseachem.com



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