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Anhydrous Formic Acid

These are related to the Anhydrous Formic Acid news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in Anhydrous Formic Acid and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand Anhydrous Formic Acid market.
  • Jul
    Formic Acid Safety Management

    Formic acid is extensively used in diligence similar to fungicides, leather, colorings, medicinals, and rubber. Formic acid can be directly used in fabric processing, tanning, cloth printing, dyeing, and storehouse of green feed, and can also be used as essence face treatment agent, rubber auxiliari

  • Nov
    What is Formic acid

    Formic Acid is quite a beneficial organic compound which is readily made by wood ants in nature. Formic Acid is now being used in the field of medicine, chemical industries as well as leather industry.

  • Oct
    Formic acid

    Formic acid is a pungent-smelling substance which is colorless and corrosive. It is used in various day to day activities, such as dyeing and finishing in textile industries and tanneries.

  • Mar
    Production process and industrial use of formic acid

    1. The world's advanced one-step hydrolysis of methyl formate to produce formic acid. That is to say, carbon monoxide and methanol generate methyl formate under the action of catalyst. Methyl formate and non-ionic water are hydrolyzed at a certain temperature and pressure.

  • Feb
    How to deal with the leakage of formic acid

    Formic acid, chemical formula HCOOH, molecular formula ch2o2, molecular weight 46.03. A colorless, pungent liquid. Weak electrolyte, melting point 8.6 ℃, boiling point 100.8 ℃. It is very acidic and corrosive and may cause skin blistering.

  • Dec
    What are the industrial processes of formic acid?

    1. Sodium formate method: carbon monoxide and sodium hydroxide solution react at 160-200 ℃ and 2MPa to form sodium formate, and then the finished product is obtained by sulfuric acid hydrolysis and distillation.

  • Dec
    Formic acid removal techniques in interior decoration

    At present, many people are very worried about the decoration of the house and will often encounter problems in the process of decoration, so that problems need to be solved, which also wastes a lot of your time. This is the problem of removing formic acid in the interior when decorating the house.

  • Dec
    Which acidity of formic acid and acetic acid is strong, and what are the judging methods?

    Someone will ask which acid is stronger than formic acid and acetic acid. The following formic acid analyst will explain it to you.

  • Dec
    Which acid is more acidic than acetic acid?

    Formic acid (chemical formula HCOOH, molecular formula CH2O2, molecular weight 46.03), commonly known as formic acid, is a very simple carboxylic acid.

  • Nov
    Property, stability, and storage method of anhydrous formic acid

    Formic acid becomes concentrated formic acid with a concentration of more than 95%. It is called anhydrous formic acid with a concentration of more than 99.5%. It is the basic raw material of organic chemical industry.



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