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Formic Acid Safety Management

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Formic acid is extensively used in diligence similar to fungicides, leather, colorings, medicinals, and rubber. Formic acid can be directly used in fabric processing, tanning, cloth printing, dyeing, and storehouse of green feed, and can also be used as essence face treatment agent, rubber auxiliaries, and artificial detergents. Inorganic conflation, it's used to synthesize colorful formate esters, acridine colorings, and formamide series pharmaceutical interceders. So what's a formic acid safety operation? Let's take a look next.

Here is the content list

l Operation Disposal

l Storehouse system

l Transport system

Operation Disposal

Unrestricted operation and enhanced ventilation. Drivers must suffer special training and rigorously abide by operating procedures. It's recommended that drivers wear tone-priming sludge respirators (full-face masks), rubber acid and alkali resistant apparel, and rubber acid and alkali resistant gloves. Keep down from fire and heat sources, and smoking is rigorously banned in the plant. Use explosion-evidence ventilation systems and outfits, to help vapors from oohing into the plant air. Avoid contact with formic acid with oxidants, alkalis, active essence maquillages. When handling, it should be smoothly loaded and disburdened to help damage to packaging and holders. Equipped with the corresponding variety and volume of fire fighting outfits and leakage exigency treatment outfits.

Storehouse system

Formic acid is stored in a cool, breezy storehouse. Keep down from fire and heat sources. The storehouse temperature shouldn't exceed 30 ℃, and the relative moisture shouldn't exceed 85. Keep the vessel tightly closed. It should be stored independently from oxidants, alkalis, and active essence maquillages, and shouldn't be mixed. Equipped with the applicable variety and volume of fire outfits. Storage areas should be equipped with exigency release outfits and suitable constraint accouterments.

Transport system

When transporting by rail, it should be assembled in strict agreement with the Dangerous Goods Compatibility Table in the" Rules for the Transport of Dangerous Goods" of the Ministry of Railroads. The packaging should be complete and the lading should be secure at the time of payload. During transportation, make sure that the vessel doesn't blunder, collapse, fall, or be damaged. It's rigorously interdicted to blend and transport formic acids with oxidants, alkalis, active essence maquillages, comestible chemicals, etc. During transportation, the transport vehicle shall be equipped with the corresponding variety and volume of fire fighting outfits and leakage exigency treatment outfits. During transportation, it should be defended from exposure to the sun, rain, and high temperature. When transporting by road, it's necessary to drive according to the specified route, and don't stop in domestic areas and densely peopled areas.

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