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Property, stability, and storage method of anhydrous formic acid

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Formic acid becomes concentrated formic acid with a concentration of more than 95%. It is called anhydrous formic acid with a concentration of more than 99.5%. It is the basic raw material of organic chemical industry. It has been widely used in chemical pharmacy, rubber coagulant, textile, printing and dyeing, electroplating, leather and other fields. This is inseparable from the properties and stability of anhydrous formic acid. The quality, stability and storage methods are described as follows:

Properties and stability of anhydrous formic acid:

1. Chemical properties: Formic acid is a strong reductant, which can produce silver mirror reaction. In saturated fatty acids, the dissociation constant is 2.1 x 10-4. It slowly decomposes into carbon monoxide and water at room temperature. Heating with concentrated sulphuric acid ***60~80 C, decomposition gives off carbon monoxide. Formic acid decomposes and releases carbon dioxide and hydrogen when heated above 160 C. The alkali metal salts of formic acid are heated ***400 to produce oxalate.

2. Formic acid dissolves fat. Inhalation of formic acid vapor can cause severe irritation and inflammation of nasal and oral mucosa. Protective masks and rubber gloves must be worn when dealing with concentrated formic acid. The workshop must have shower and eye washing equipment, and the workplace should have a good ventilation environment. The higher tolerable concentration of formic acid in the air of the boundary area is 5*10-6. Inhalation poisoners should leave the scene immediately, inhale fresh air, and inhale 2% atomized sodium bicarbonate. Once it is contaminated with formic acid, it is necessary to wash it with plenty of clean water immediately. Be careful not to wipe it with a wet cloth.

3. Stability: Stability

4. Harm of Polymerization: Non-Polymerization

5. Prohibited Ligands: Strong Oxidant, Strong Alkali, Active Metal Powder 

Anhydrous formic acid storage method:


Anhydrous formic acid storage precautions: stored in a cool, ventilated warehouse. Keep away from fire and heat sources. Storage temperature does not exceed 32 C and relative humidity does not exceed 80%. Keep the container sealed. It should be stored separately from oxidants, alkalis and active metal powders. Mixed storage should not be avoided. Equipped with the corresponding variety and quantity of firefighting equipment. The storage area shall be equipped with emergency leak handling equipment and suitable storage materials.


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