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The articles shown below are all about the Alcohol, through these related articles, you can get relevant information, notes in use, or latest trends about the Alcohol. We hope these news will give you the help you need. And if these Alcohol articles can't solve your needs, you can contact us for relevant information.
  • Aug
    MEG ethylene glycol

    The toxicity of ethylene glycol itself is low, and its metabolites are highly toxic, and its toxicity to the kidneys is mainly caused by oxidative metabolites of ethylene glycol.

  • Jul

    The sorbitol industry trend research report is based on the investigation and analysis of many factors that affect the market operation of sorbitol industry, so as to grasp the market operation rules of sorbitol industry, and predict the future development trend characteristics.

  • Jun
    Sorbitol/ D-Sorbitol/D-Glucitol/Sorbol

    The main uses of sorbitol1. It can be used as raw material to produce vitamin C. Sorbitol can be fermented and chemically synthesized to produce vitamin C. It can also be used as a raw material for industrial surfactants to produce span and Twan surfactants.

  • Jun
    The prospect of ethanol market

    Yesterday, the domestic ethanol market transaction is still moving up. Jiangsu region raw materials continue to rise, cost support firm, trading strong shock; The downstream of northeast region receives goods actively, the region supply is tight, the offer goes high;

  • May
    Ethylene Glycol market early forecast

    Since this week continued weak domestic ethylene glycol market trading atmosphere, the week has sharply to library support but under the production and adequate supply of new devices in the markets poor mentality,

  • May
    Isopropyl Alcohol: morning forecast for the isopropanol market

    The isopropanol market continued to push up yesterday. Acetone continued to maintain a rising trend, driving the isoacetone market to continue to climb, the overall factory operation is not high, limited inventory.

  • May
    Sorbitol/ Ld-Sorbitol liquid 70%food grade HS CODE 38246000

    Description of Sorbitol: Sorbitol is a new kind of sweetener extracted from glucose, with the molecular formula C6H14O6, molecular weight 182.17.

  • Feb

    This week the domestic isopropanol market rose rapidly. As of February 20, East China isopropanol market mainstream offer in 8850 Yuan/ton, up 750 yuan/ton from February 9.

  • Dec
    Analysis of sorbitol supply and demand in 2020

    The main analysis points of the sorbitol industry supply and demand analysis report are as follows: 1) Capacity/output analysis of sorbitol industry.

  • Jul
    Types of alcohol

    In chemistry, there are three major types of alcohol. These include isopropyl alcohol, methyl alcoholand ethyl alcohol. Each of these types of alcohol has separate properties, so it is important to distinguish which type of alcohol you have for reasons of safety.

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