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MEG ethylene glycol

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The toxicity of ethylene glycol itself is low, and its metabolites are highly toxic, and its toxicity to the kidneys is mainly caused by oxidative metabolites of ethylene glycol. Toxicity of glycolic acid oxalic acid and lactic acid. Acetaldehyde can inhibit glycolysis and tricarboxylic acid cycle, stimulate the brain d; Oxalic acid can cause kidney injury and metabolic acidosis, and can also combine with calcium ions to form calcium oxalate crystal, resulting in hypocalcemia, and deposited in the kidney, brain, and other places, resulting in renal and brain dysfunction. Lactic acid further exacerbates acidosis.


Ethylene glycol - The freezing point of water antifreeze is not linearly related to the mass fraction of ethylene glycol. The degree of decrease decreases with the increase of the content of ethylene glycol in a certain range, but the freezing point will increase once it exceeds a certain proportion. In Southern China, the ratio with a mass fraction of ethylene glycol is usually 40%, while in the cold north, the ratio with a mass fraction of ethylene glycol of about 50% is more appropriate.


When we convert ethylene glycol to polyethylene glycol, it will not form toxic substances such as the above, and its toxicity will be greatly reduced. Polyethylene glycol (PEG) is a polymer hydrolyzed by ethylene oxide. It has no D toxicity and No pricking O excitability. It is widely used in various pharmaceutical preparations. Low molecular weight POLYETHYLENE glycol is relatively more toxic. Topical administration of POLYETHYLENE glycol, especially the viscoe-E membrane, can cause pricking pain. In topical lotions, this product increases skin flexibility and has a moisturizing effect similar to that of glycerin. Diarrhea may occur in large oral doses.


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Applications: Ethylene glycol is mainly used for making polyester, polyester, polyester resin, du hygroscopic agent, plasticizer, surface active agent zhi, sex, synthetic fiber, and Fried dao medicine cosmetics, and used as a dye, ink and other solvents, mixed engine antifreeze, gas dehydrant, manufacturing resin, can also be used for tracing paper, fiber, leather, adhesive wetting agents.


It can produce synthetic resin PET, fiber grade PET namely polyester fiber, bottle chip grade PET for making mineral water bottle, etc. Also, can produce alkyd resin, glyoxal, etc., also used as antifreeze.


In addition to being used as an automobile antifreeze, it is also used in the transportation of industrial cooling capacity, commonly called as a refrigerant carrier. At the same time, it can also be used as a condensate like water.


Package:   220KG/IRON DRUM      80DRUMS/20FCL      17.6MTS/20FCL 

                 1.1MTS/IBC DRUM        20DRUMS/20FCL       22MTS/20FCL

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