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The prospect of ethanol market

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Yesterday, the domestic ethanol market transaction is still moving up. Jiangsu region raw materials continue to rise, cost support firm, trading strong shock; The downstream of northeast region receives goods actively, the region supply is tight, the offer goes high; Shandong raw materials support firm, manufacturers low low transaction willingness, coupled with low inventory, transaction is strong; Henan downstream receiving goods is ok, relatively moderate transaction. Zhongyu thinks, short - term domestic ethanol market or strong consolidation.

Disinfection supplies
Disinfectants of different concentrations:
Alcohol above 99.5% by volume is called anhydrous alcohol. Biological USES: Pigments in chloroplasts can be dissolved in anhydrous ethanol (or acetone), an organic solvent, so it is possible to extract pigments from chloroplasts using anhydrous ethanol.
Ninety-five percent alcohol is used to wipe ultraviolet lamps. The alcohol is commonly used in hospitals and used only for camera lens cleaning in homes.
70% to 75% alcohol is used for disinfection. This is because too high a concentration of alcohol forms a protective coating on the surface of the bacteria, preventing it from entering the body and making it difficult to kill them completely. If the concentration of alcohol is too low, it can enter the bacteria, but it cannot coagulate the proteins in its body, nor can it kill the bacteria completely. Seventy-five percent of alcohol is the best disinfectant.
Between 40% and 50% of alcohol can prevent bedsores. Long-term bedridden patients back, waist, buttocks because of long-term pressure can cause bedsore, such as massage a little 40% ~ 50% of the alcohol into the hands, evenly massage patients under pressure, can achieve the purpose of promoting local blood circulation, prevent bedsore formation.
Twenty-five to fifty percent alcohol can be used for physical antipyretic purposes. Patients with high fever can use it to wipe the body, to achieve the purpose of cooling. Wiping the skin with alcohol can dilate the skin blood vessels, increase the heat dissipation ability of the skin, evaporate alcohol, absorb heat, reduce the body surface temperature and relieve symptoms.

Note: The alcohol concentration should not be too high, otherwise it may irritate the skin and absorb a lot of water from the epidermis.

Beverage products
Ethanol is the main component of wine (the content depends on the type of wine).
Note: The ethanol in the daily drinking wine is not added to ethanol, but the ethanol obtained by fermentation of microorganisms. Of course, depending on the type of microorganism used, there will be acetic acid or sugar and other related substances.
Organic material
Ethanol is also a basic organic chemical raw materials, can be used to produce acetaldehyde, ether, ethyl acetate, ethylamine and other chemical raw materials, is also the production of solvents, dyes, coatings, detergents and other products raw materials.
Vehicle fuel
Ethanol can be used as a fuel for cars or blended with gasoline.
Yatiname sorghum ethanol accounts for 10% in gasoline in China. Ethanol gasoline has been sold in the United States for more than 20 years.



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