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  • 50-21-5


  • C3h6o3

  • 90.08

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  • Alpha-hydroxypropionic acid, 2-hydroxypropionic acid


1,Product information


Lactic acid is a carboxylic acid, the molecular formula is C3H6O3, contains hydroxyl group, belongs to alpha-hydroxyl acid (AHA). In aqueous solution, the carboxyl group releases a proton to produce the lactate ion CH3CH(OH)COO−.

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<0. 3MG/KG



SULPHATE: ≤0.25%


SULPHATE: ≤0.25%


3,Use of food grade lactic acid

1) lactic acid has a strong antisepsis effect, can be used in wine, beverage, meat, food, confectionery, vegetables, olives, cucumber, pearl Onions) canning and fruit processing, food processing, storage, has antibacterial, adjust pH value, prolong the shelf life keep food, flavor, color, improve product quality, and so on;

2) In terms of seasonings, lactic acid's unique sour taste can increase the taste of food. Adding a certain amount of lactic acid into salad, soy sauce, vinegar and other condiments can maintain the stability and safety of microorganisms in products, and make the taste more mild;

3) Because of its mild and moderate acidity, lactic acid can also be used as the first choice for carefully prepared soft drinks and fruit juices;

4) In brewing beer, adding lactic acid can not only adjust pH value to promote saccharification, is conducive to yeast fermentation, improve beer quality, but also can increase beer flavor, prolong shelf life. In white wine, sake and fruit wine used to adjust pH, prevent the growth of miscellaneous bacteria, enhance the acidity and refreshing taste; Buffered lactic acid can be used in hard candy, fruit sugar and other confectionery products with moderate acidity and low sugar conversion. Lactic acid powder can be used for all kinds of candy powder, as a powdery acid agent;

5) Natural lactic acid is a natural ingredient in dairy products. It has the taste of dairy products and good anti-microbial effect. It has been widely used in blended yogurt cheese, ice cream and other foods, becoming a popular sour agent in dairy products.

6) Lactic acid powder is a direct acid regulator for the production of buckwheat head. Lactic acid is a naturally fermented acid that gives bread its unique flavor; As a natural acid regulator, lactic acid is used in bread, cakes, biscuits and other baked foods for flavor and bacteriostasis, and can improve food quality, maintain color, and extend shelf life.

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