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Transportation Notes of Edible Glacial Acetic Acid

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The edible glacial acetic acid is flammable under open fire and high heat. Its powder and air can form an explosive mixture. When it reaches a certain concentration, it will explode when it meets Mars, and poisonous gas will be released when it is decomposed by high temperature. Therefore, we should also pay special attention to safety during transportation:

1. Packing should be complete at the time of shipment and loading should be safe.

2. In the course of transportation, it is necessary to ensure that containers do not leak, collapse, fall or damage.

3. Vehicles should be thoroughly cleaned after transportation.

4. Highway transportation should follow the prescribed route.

5. Vehicle exhaust pipes for transporting edible glacial acetic acid should be equipped with fire retardants and should stay away from fire and heat sources during stopover.

6. Mixed transportation with edible chemicals is strictly prohibited. During transportation, it should be protected from sunshine, rain and high temperature.

7. Transportation vehicles shall be equipped with firefighting equipment of corresponding varieties and quantities and emergency equipment for leakage treatment.


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