Formic Acid

Content : 85%    90%  99%


1. Product Name: Formic Acid
2. Chemical Formula: HCOOH
3. Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid
4. Specifications:

A) Formic Acid 85%Min

HCOOH 85%min
Fe(Fe3 ) 0.0005%max
Chloride(Cl-) 0.005%max
Sulphate(SO42-) 0.002%max
Residue 0.006%max

B)Formic Acid 90%Min

HCOOH 90%min
Fe(Fe3 ) 0.0001%max
Chloride(Cl-) 0.003%max
Sulphate(SO42-) 0.001%max
Residue 0.006%max


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5. Packing: 30kgs、250kgs plastic drum,1mt IBC DRUM 20mts in the 20'FCL  ISO TANK or as your request

6. Application:

In  medical industryit is used in making Amidopyrin, vitamin B and many  other medcines. Formic Acid is used in producing methanamide, diethyl  formamide, rubber age resister, dying, leather and so on. It is aslo an  important material for pesticide such as Triazone. In other way Formic  Acid is considerable used in green fodder storage.

1, the pharmaceutical industry: caffeine, dipyrone, aminopyrine vitamin B1, etc.;
2, the pesticide industry: triadimefon, triadimefon, paclobutrazol, insecticidal ether;
3, the chemical industry: dimethyl formamide, formamide, antioxidant, etc.;
4, the leather industry: leather tanning preparations;
5, printing and dyeing industry: the acidic dye;
6, the rubber industry: natural rubber flocculants;
7, the pickling of iron and steel industry: steel plate, steel and other steel products, etc.;
8, the paper industry: pulp preparation, etc.;
9, the food industry: food disinfection, preservation;
10, animal husbandry: ensilage preservation