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The role and efficacy of Sorbitol

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It is used in the treatment of cerebral edema and glaucoma.

Sorbitol is a white diluent powder or crystalline powder, easily soluble in water, has a cool sweet taste, about half as sweet as sucrose.

Sorbitol has many uses. In the food industry, physiological alcohols are used as nutritive sweeteners, wetting agents, chelating agents, and stabilizers. In medicine, sorbitol as an oral osmotic dehydration, diuretic drugs mechanism similar to that of mannitol, mainly by increasing the plasma osmotic pressure in tissues, especially the eyes, brain, cerebrospinal fluid and other parts of the water into the blood vessels, thus reduce tissue edema, reduce intraocular pressure, intracranial pressure and the capacity of the cerebrospinal fluid and pressure, mainly used in the treatment of cerebral edema and glaucoma.

However, dehydration with sorbitol should be strictly prohibited if the patient has intracranial hemorrhage, active bleeding, and intracranial hematoma.


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