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Potassium hydroxide Introduction & Chemical property

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Potassium hydroxide (chemical formula: KOH, formula: 56.1) white powder or flaky solid. Melting point 380 C, boiling point 1324 C, relative density 2.04g/cm3, refractive index n20/D1.421, vapor pressure 1 mmHg (719 C). Strong alkalinity and corrosiveness. It is easy to absorb water in the air and deliquescence and absorb carbon dioxide to form potassium carbonate. Soluble in about 0.6 parts of hot water, 0.9 parts of cold water, 3 parts of ethanol, 2.5 parts of glycerol. When dissolved in water, alcohol or treated with acid, it produces a lot of heat. The pH of 0.1 mol/L solution is 13.5. Moderate toxicity, half lethal dose (rat, oral) 1230 mg/kg. Soluble in ethanol, slightly soluble in ether. It has strong alkalinity and corrosiveness, and its properties are similar to those of caustic soda. Moderate toxicity, half lethal dose (rat, oral) 1230 mg/kg.


English name: Potassium hydroxide

Nicknames: caustic potassium, caustic alkali, potassium ash, Caustic soda Caustic potash Potassa

Chemical formula: KOH

Molecular weight: 56.1

CAS login number: 1310-58-3

EINECS login number: 215-181-3

Boiling point: 1324 C

Water solubility: soluble

Density: 2.044g/cm 3

Appearance: White powder or flaky solid

Application: Drying, electroplating, chemical raw materials, etc.

Safety Description: Strong alkalinity and corrosiveness, moderate toxicity

Danger Symbols: U+2620, C

Hazardous Goods Transport Number: UN 1813 8/PG 2

MDL No. MFCD00003553

RTECS No. TT2100000

PubChem: 24898721

Alkalinity: Strong Alkalinity Chemical property

Chemical property

Strong alkalinity and corrosiveness. Absorbing carbon dioxide into potassium carbonate. The pH of 0.1 mol/L solution is 13.5. White oblique crystal, industrial products for white or light gray block or bar. It is soluble in water, ethanol and ether.

Potassium hydroxide is alkaline and has the following properties:

1. Alkaline Reaction

It can make litmus test solution blue and phenolphthalein test solution red.


2. Reaction with acids

If it reacts with hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid and nitric Acid.


KOH+HCl=KCl+H tamping O

2KOH+H tamping SO=K tamping SO tamping+2H tamping O

KOH + HNO ramming = KNO ramming + H ramming O


3. Reaction with acid oxides

For example, it reacts with carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide.

2KOH+CO tamping = K tamping CO tamping+H tamping O

2KOH+SO ramming = K ramming SO ramming+H ramming O


4. Reaction with amphoteric metals

If it reacts with aluminium.

2Al+2KOH+2H tamping O=2KAlO tamping+3H tamping_

5. Reaction with amphoteric oxides

For example, it reacts with alumina.

Altamping O + 2KOH = 2KAlO + H tamping O


6. Reaction with amphoteric hydroxides

If it reacts with aluminium hydroxide

Al(OH)tamping+KOH=KAlO tamping+2H tamping O


7. Double decomposition reaction with salt solution of transition element

CuSO+2KOH=Cu(OH)tamping_+K tamping SO tamping


In addition, potassium hydroxide can react with white phosphorus to produce phosphine gas.


8. Relevant chemical reactions

2KOH+CuCl ramming=Cu(OH)ramming_+2KCl

CaO+H tamping O=Ca(OH) tamping

Ca(OH)tamping+K tamping CO tamping = 2KOH+CaCO tamping_(Because KOH is a strong alkali with the nature of soluble protein, the mole is removed)

6KOH(s)+4O(g)=4KO(orange)+2(KOH.H O)+O



2KOH+SO ramming = K ramming SO ramming+H ramming O

KOH+CO ramming = KHCO ramming (Potassium hydroxide modification is also the main means of producing important chemical raw material K ramming CO ramming)

2KOH+H tamping S=K tamping S+2H tamping O

3KOH+C_H_Cl_=C6H_Cl_+3KCl+3H_O (decomposition reaction of pesticide 666)


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