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Mould test for potassium hydroxide solution

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I don't know how much you know about potassium hydroxide products. There is a method called membrane electrolysis for the production of potassium hydroxide products. The production process of this method and the products produced by this method can be used in what areas. Here is a detailed description for you.


The raw material of membrane electrolysis, potassium chloride, dissolved into saturated solution in salt bath. Potassium carbonate is added separately when heated to 90 C. Caustic potash. Barium chloride removes calcium. Impurities, such as magnesium and sulfate. Settlement slag removal. Hydrochloric acid neutralizes. Potassium chloride solution TiON is preheated from 280 to 315 g/L to 70 to 75~C for electrolysis. Potassium hydroxide is obtained.


The concentration of potassium hydroxide determined by membrane method is 10%-11%. Potassium hydroxide solution containing 45%-50% was prepared. Can also continue to boil alkali pot concentration. Decolorization. Solid potassium hydroxide was obtained. Or sliced products.


Potassium hydroxide has good properties, in the use of products, because of its many properties, it has a good application in many aspects and testing experiments. Here, we will explain the method of solution type testing for this material in detail. Let's get to know it together.


2. Scrape important parts of the skin with the edge of the glass sheet, and then apply the residue or residue to another glass object.


Good sampling sites are: (1) inner or bottom of scar root, (2) soft or secretory area between toes, (3) damaged edge, (4) bottom of hair.


3. Mix 1 drop of 10% potassium hydroxide with residue or residue in a tray.


4. Thrombolytic frequency modulation switch. Inverted wax (because oil wax precipitates easily the crystallization of potassium hydroxide) makes it fixed.


5. Use 10x and 40x lenses for perspective at low illumination.


6. The less money, the better the effect.


7. Potassium hydroxide dissolves epidermal proteins but does not destroy fungal components. The fungi were not dispersed and remained between the cuticle membranes.


In summary, the seven points described in this paper are the method of model testing for potassium hydroxide solution. When you apply the product, you can use this method if you want to check the attributes of the product. I hope the explanations in this article will be helpful to you.


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