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Methanol Storage

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Methanol is an important organic chemical raw material, and it is widely used in many industries. It can produce formaldehyde, synthetic rubber, methylamine, two methyl methacrylate, methyl chloride, acetic acid and a series of organic chemical products. It is also used for the synthesis of methanol protein.

Methanol consumption structure in our country is similar to foreign countries, and the largest the consumption field is formaldehyde production. The proportion of consumption is about 40%. The second is MTBE and acetic acid, the proportion is 6% and 7% respectively. However, with the needing of protecting the environment and the world oil resources become increasingly scarce, the development of methanol fuel consumption become fast in recent year. It becomes one of the majority powers of methanol demand. In addition, along with the two ethers entered the civil gas market officially, the demand for methanol is expansion quickly. Now the methanol and its downstream products is most likely to become the leading alternative products for the beginning of the post petroleum Era.

Most suitable storage container to methanol is stainless steel containers and plastic tank. The plastic tank uses pure polyethylene as raw material, and it uses a special rotational molding process to mold the whole. The plastic tan has many advantages, such as no welding, no leakage, non-toxic, light weight, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, integrated and long life. Certainly, it also could store most inorganic acid, alkali, salt solution and most organic solvents, while can partly replace titanium, stainless steel, high nickel alloy steel and other materials. The production is meet the storage and transportation of dangerous goods regulations and an ideal storage container for methanol and reaction chemical corrosion, clean solution. Methanol in line with national health standards, can replace the stainless-steel container to shipment.


Qingdao Hisea Chem Corporation Limited is the leading manufacturer and distributor of chemical products in China. Our company has strict production management system and quality control.

We are ISO 90001:2000, ISO141001:2000 and SGS certified. Our products have been exported to Europe, USA, Middle East, Asia, Latin America, Africa and other countries and areas of the world. Our main products include: annual output of 350,000 tons of Acetic acid glacial; 350,000 tons of Hydrogen peroxide; 170,000 tons of Butyl acetate and Ethyl acetate; 260,000 tons of Toluene and Xylene; 80,000 tons of MEK and MIBK; 70,000 tons of DMF and 80,000tons of MC; 100,000 tons of Cyclohexanone Total production capability can reach 2.8 million tons; 300000 tons of Hydrochloric Acid and Sulfuric Acid; 200000tons of Nitric Acid and Formic Acid; 30000 tons of Adipic acid; 400000 tons of Formaldehyde; 200000 tons ammonia water; 300000 tons of methanol; 1 million tons of Caustic soda liquid; 150000 tons of Epichlorohydrin; 600000 tons of Phenol and Acetone per year. We devote ourselves to use a new technical process to produce: Methanol decomposition. We are providing hydrogen peroxide 50 in good quality and competitive price. we are also professional manufacture of phenol in China.

In a word, Qingdao Hisea chem Co., Ltd specialize in manufacturing kinds of chemical products. Our company is often held chemical exhibition in different cities and attends 2008 CPHI. We have professional production team and a solid production technology, as well as rich experience in exhibition. Our company looks forward to your long-term business relationship with us.

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