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Inorganic Chemicals

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  • Inorganic alkali is one of the most important chemical raw materials. It is widely used in light industry, daily chemicals, building materials, chemical industry, food industry, metallurgy, textile, petroleum, national defense, medicine. It can also be used as raw material in cleaning agent, and cleaning agent for manufacturing other chemicals. Detergents are also used in the fields of photography and analysis. About 2/3 part of soda ash are used in light industry, building materials, chemical industry. The rest are used in metallurgy, textile, petroleum, national defense, medicine, and other industries. The glass industry is the largest consumer of soda ash, which consumes 0.2 tons of soda ash per ton of glass. In the chemical industry, it is used to make water glass, sodium dichromate, sodium nitrate, sodium fluoride, baking soda, borax, trisodium phosphate and sewage treatment. Metallurgical industry is used as smelting flux, flotation agent for ore dressing, steelmaking and antimony smelting as desulfurization agent. Used as a water softener in the printing and dyeing industry. The leather industry is used for degreasing raw hides, neutralizing chrome tanned leather and improving the alkalinity of chrome tanning liquor. It is also used in the production of synthetic detergent additives sodium tripolyphosphate and other sodium phosphate salts. Food grade soda ash can be used to produce monosodium glutamate, pasta, etc.

  • Hydrogen chloride is commonly used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and dyeing industries. In modern times, hydrogen chloride is mostly used to synthesize organic products such as polyvinyl chloride and neoprene. Hydrogen chloride is dissolved in water to form hydrochloric acid. Hydrochloric acid is one of the three strong acids. The upstream of the hydrochloric acid industry chain mainly contained liquid ammonia and raw salt. Downstream products mainly include ciprofloxacin, rhynchophylline, cefmenoxime, fosinopril sodium, levofloxacin hydrochloride, etc.

  • Sulfuric acid is the most active binary inorganic strong acid, which can react with most metals. The upstream of the sulfuric acid industry chain is mainly raw materials, including waste sulfuric acid, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, pyrite, etc.; downstream products of the industry mainly include oxalic acid, titanium dioxide, ammonium sulfate, zinc sulfate, copper sulfate, etc. Sulfuric acid is widely used in fertilizers and dyes, Drugs, explosives, storage batteries, petrochemicals, detergents, and other fields.

  • Nitric acid has a wide range of uses. It is an important chemical raw material. It is mainly used to produce various compound fertilizers such as ammonium nitrate and nitrophosphate. It is also a raw material to produce calcium, copper, silver, and other nitrates. In the organic industry, it is mainly used to produce nitrochlorobenzene, nitromethane, nitroethane, aniline and other compounds. In the dye industry, it is used in the manufacture of raw materials such as p-nitroanisole. In the coating industry, it is mainly used to make nitro varnish and nitro enamel. In general, as a basic chemical raw material, nitric acid has an irreplaceable role. According to the downstream consumption demand of nitric acid in China in recent years, the demand for nitric acid in the chemical industry accounts for 69%. The demand in the metallurgical industry has reached 14%, and the demand for pharmaceutical and pesticide intermediates has reached 5.5%.

Hisea chem's main inorganic chemicals include caustic soda, sodium carbonate (soda ash), flake caustic soda, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, and titanium dioxide. Click on each product to see more details about it.



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