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Acetic Acid And Its Downstream Industries

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The main downstream products of acetic acid are ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, vinyl acetate, sec-butyl acetate, acetic anhydride, methyl acetate, chloroacetic acid, polyvinyl alcohol, and n-propyl acetate. Acetic acid is an important organic raw material and one of the main downstream derivatives of methanol. It is widely used in pesticides, pharmaceutical synthetic materials, chemical fiber, and tobacco industries. 

According to the “Overall global consumption of acetic acid”, about 43% of global acetic acid is used to produce vinyl acetate, and further processing of vinyl acetate can produce polyvinyl acetate and polyvinyl alcohol. About 19% of global acetic acid is used as a solvent for the preparation of PTA (purified terephthalic acid). Approximately 14% of global acetic acid is used to produce acetate, including methyl ester, butyl ester, isopropyl ester, etc., which are mainly used as solvents, extractants, and textile auxiliaries. Approximately 13% of acetic acid is used in the processing and production of acetic anhydride and cellulose acetate. Acetic acid is one of our main products, Hisea Chem can provide both industrial grade and food grade glacial acetic acid, all with the up-to-date certificate of analysis (CoA), Click here to talk to our sales representative for more details. 



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