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Gray Nail Treated by Acetic Acid

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If you have got gray nail, you should manicure the bad one at first. It means that thickened parts repaired with a sharp knife, get rid of bad parts and retention of nail bed. Coating with glacial acetic acid after repaired. Do it for two to three times and last three to six months. You had better make the nail thin before coating. Certainly, you should repair the bad nail in a week and try to keep a complete nail bed as far as possible. In generally, the treat last about three months and the nail will return to normal.

The high temperature and high humidity are important conditions for tinea disease. So, the tinea disease in summer or rain weather is more easily to happen than in winter or dry weather. Of course, living environment of patient cannot be ignored. Morbidity with good ventilation is more low than closed and stuffy wet. Personnel crowded place is also high incidence. So, vocational, trades have a great influence on the tinea disease. Especially in the high temperature and high humidity workshop with heavy work clothes. Morbidity will be improved greatly without any device for shower.

Certainly bad personal hygiene habits will lead to the tinea disease. People who connect with public baths and poor sanitation pool are easier to get tinea disease. If you have fed cat, dog or any other pets, you should be more careful. Because it is easier to get tinea on their body.

Acetic Acid Fermentation

Acetic acid fermentation is one kind of oxidation fermentation. It is a process that ethanol oxidation into acetic acid under the effect of acetic acid bacteria. Besides there are many kinds of microorganisms can also form acetic acid with various compounds through anaerobic activity. But it generally not called acetic acid fermentation.

Acetic acid bacteria is aerobic bacteria. Fermentation is making under aeration conditions and always with the temperature of the range from 25 to 30 centigrade. Acetic acid bacteria need amino acids and vitamins. So, there must be adding yeast extract, koji and other organic matter with nitrogen containing to the fermentation liquid.
There are two types of brewing vinegar, they are solid fermentation and liquid fermentation. For example, for saccharification and alcohol fermentation with the original material of starch, finally making acetic acid fermentation. Solid state fermentation is traditional crafts. There are many kinds of microorganisms participate in and product flavor is good. Liquid fermentation is general for industrialized production. It uses pure culture of the fungus and with large output, lower cost, but the flavor is bad.


Vinegar as a life essential item has the important position in food flavoring. Acetic acid can inhibit the growth of spoilage bacteria. You can be kept vegetables fresh and not corruption with vinegar pickled. Acetic acid can also be used as a medical disinfectant. Glacial acetic acid is an important raw material for chemical and pharmaceutical, widely used in printing and dyeing industry. Acetic acids are also widely used in textile industry, fiber industry, pesticide industry, dyestuff industry, plastic industry, and others.



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