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Does potassium hydroxide in facial cleanser harm the skin?

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It is harmful to some extent, but the reaction of potassium hydroxide mixed with oil can promote the hydrolysis of oil and neutralize the reaction with the acid attack after hydrolysis. Alkali is necessary for making cleaning products. Potassium hydroxide is used for making liquid soap and sodium hydroxide is used for solid soap. Li. Soap and glycerol are formed after alkali and oil reactions. The main component of mature soap is "high fatty acid salt", which is a surfactant with hydrophilic and lipophilic ends. The hydrophilic end separates the peroxide oil and dirt from the skin. When shing, the hydrophilic end separates the dirt from the water and thus cleans the skin. T. He is the cleaning principle of solid soap or liquid soap.


Chemical formula of potassium hydroxide: KOH, formula amount: 56.1 white powder or flake solid. Melting point 380C, boiling point 1324 C, relative density 2.04g/cm 3, refractive index n20/D1.421, vapor pressure 1 mmHg (719 C). Strong alkalinity and corrosiveness. It is easy to absorb in the air and delicate scence, and absorb carbon dioxide O form potassium carbonate. Soluble in about 0.6 parts of hot water, 0.9 parts of cold water, 3 parts of ethanol, 2.5 parts of glycerol. When dissolved in water, alcohol or treated with acid, a large amount of heat is generated. The pH of 0.1 mol/L solution is 13.5. Rate toxicity, half lethal dose (rat, oral) 1230 mg/kg. Soluble in ethanol, sl It has strong alkalinity and corrosiveness, and its properties are similar to those of caustic soda. Moderate toxicity, half lethal dose (rat, oral) 1230 mg/kg.


Potassium hydroxide is effective for a long time in sealed storage.

Potassium hydroxide is afraid that water will break down!

Overheating: It will react with the glass to produce potassium silicate and impurities.


So, it only needs to be kept in closed storage, and there is no problem of shelf life. If the bag is broken, it is advisable to use it as soon as possible.


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