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n-Butanol: Weak cost transmission and insufficient downstream demand

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n-Butanol: Weak cost transmission and insufficient downstream demand

Since October, the overall domestic n-butanol market has shown a downward trend. The focus of market transactions in major regions moved forward for a period of time, the overall transaction atmosphere remained stable, and the overall terminal demand was weak. Insufficient demand for butanol.

Upstream propylene: Since October, the domestic propylene market has continued to decline, and the market has continued to decline. The drop in international crude oil exacerbated the bearish sentiment in the market. Propylene producers continued to make profits due to poor shipments. It is expected that the short-term propylene market may continue to weaken.

Downstream butyl acrylate: Since October, the domestic acrylic acid and butyl acrylate market has continued to decline, and holders of stocks are facing pressure to sell more to make profits.

Downstream butyl acetate: The domestic butyl acetate market has continued to decline since October. Suppliers are actively shipping, and the current price of acetic acid has not yet reached the psychological price of buyers, and users still need to wait and see. From the perspective of the market outlook, the market has a strong wait-and-see atmosphere, the downstream demand is sluggish, the market transaction is weak, and the raw materials acetic acid and ethanol have no good boost for the time being. It is expected that the market will run weak in the later period.

Downstream DBP: The domestic DBP market is stable with some weakness, the focus of the domestic DBP market is down, the spot supply level of the DBP industry is not high, and the supply and demand are basically balanced. In the short term, the DBP market will mainly fluctuate within a narrow range.

To sum up, at present, the delivery of n-butanol raw materials is weak, the overall downstream demand is weak, the overall transaction atmosphere in the market is stable and weak, and the overall market prosperity is not high. The demand remains rigid, and it is expected that there will still be resistance in the domestic n-butanol market in the short term.



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