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Transport And Storage of Ammonia

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Ammonia is a colorless liquid fertilizer, nitrogen 15-17%. Ammonia is unstable binding state. One part is the hydrate of the ammonia, another it was dissolved in water with a molecular state, only a little ammonia and water synthesis ammonium hydroxide. So, ammonia volatiles easily and with stimulating odor. When ammonia reach a certain concentration, it will burn the leaf crops. Higher concentration with higher temperature. Ammonia has strong corrosive, and especially to copper, aluminum, iron, and other metals. You should pay more attention to the transport and application process to ensure the safety.

When you are transporting or storing the ammonia, you should pay attention to evaporation, leakage, and corrosion. The container can be plastic bucket, tile altar and plastic bags. If you use the iron or wooden as a container, its inner wall should be coated with asphalt or tung oil and other preservatives. If you want to store large quantities of ammonia, you can use brick, cement brick and other things to build a cellar.

Ammonia should be stored in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place and prevent the directed sunlight. Keep the container is sealed, and store with the acids, metal powders separately. When you are carrying the ammonia, you should be handling gently to prevent the container broken.

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