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Toluene and xylene: port sealed biphenyl is more expensive and less market

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Last week, with the spread of the epidemic in Shanghai, the confidence of the chemical market was frustrated, and more than half of the related products fell. While Zhangjiagang took sealing and control measures in the middle of the week, it was difficult to pick up toluene, xylene and other chemical products, the transaction weakened instantaneously, and the price of biphenyl fell. However, at the end of last Friday afternoon, with the shipment of biphenyl (especially toluene Market) in the surrounding areas (South China, Shandong and other places) improving, the replenishment demand pushed up the port market, but due to the limitation of the epidemic, the price difference between the reservoir areas was large. The xylene market is more light in spot negotiation because the main supply sources are concentrated in the sealed and controlled reservoir area.

At present, the crude oil fluctuates at a high level and the peripheral support is unstable; The price difference of the port is large, and there are many spot prices and few markets, so the market transaction enthusiasm is not good. With the improvement of the epidemic situation in North China, South China and central China, there is a positive trend of just demand, indirectly pushing up the spot of ports. It is expected that the port will remain in a state of shock in the short term, but with the improvement of the epidemic situation and the decline of logistics costs, there is obvious upward space in the medium and long term.

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