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The development direction of plasticizer industry

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Plasticizer is a polymer material additive widely used in industrial production, also known as plasticizer. Any substance added to a polymer material that can increase the plasticity of the polymer is called a plasticizer. The use of plasticizer can improve the performance of polymer materials, reduce production cost and increase production benefit. [1] is a kind of important additives, chemical products as additives commonly used in plastics, concrete, mortar, the material such as cement, gypsum, cosmetic and detergent, especially in PVC plastic products, in order to increase the plasticity of the plastic and improve the strength of the plastic, you need to add phthalic acid ester, sometimes its content can be up to 50% of the products. Weakened the effect of plasticizer mainly resin molecular valence bond between time, increase the mobility of the resin molecular bonds, reducing resin molecular crystalline, increase the plasticity resin molecules, enhanced the flexibility, easy to machining, can legally used for industrial purposes, widely exists in food packaging, cosmetics, medical equipment, water and environment. Such as plastic wrap, food packaging, toys, etc.

Throughout the development and trend of global industrial PVC additives, the current plasticizer industry in China in the development of environmentally friendly non-toxic plasticizer mainly exist catalytic synthesis process level is low and low product output, high production cost, high product price and low market share problems; In addition, there is no industrialized production of new cyclohexane dicarboxylic acid ester plasticizer. On the whole, environmental protection plasticizer varieties in China are still quite lacking compared with foreign countries, and the product grade can't adapt to the demand of functional polymer materials for market development.
Adjust product structure: develop non-toxic environmental protection, easy biodegradation and excellent performance plasticizer products with industrial application prospect, to meet the requirements of plastic processing industry, especially export-oriented products enterprises.
Develop biomass resources: as the oil resources drying up, plasticizer products develop renewable biomass resources is a new task faced by the plastics additives industry, backward products and technology, research and development production of non-toxic environmental protection, low prices, new functional additives based on biomass resources plasticizer industry is an urgent need to solve the problem. It is necessary to solve the industrialization problem of new environmental protection plasticizer so as to make the research and development of plasticizer industry in China reach the international advanced level and meet the demand of advanced environmental protection additives in plastic processing industry.
Energy saving and emission reduction: there are mainly two kinds of industrial synthesis of phthalic plasticizer in China: acid catalytic method with sulfuric acid as catalyst, this kind of process is mature and reliable, low energy consumption, but sulfuric acid is serious corrosion of equipment, and it is difficult to deal with neutralization wastewater; Non-acid catalytic method, this process has high product quality, less waste water and easy to treat, but the reaction temperature is high, requires 40 kg/cm2 medium pressure steam or heat conduction oil, large energy consumption. There is still a gap in the industrialization of low-temperature non-acid efficient esterification catalyst in China, which can not achieve the real clean production of industrial plasticizer. Energy conservation and emission reduction and new synthesis process in the industry need to be explored in the future.



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