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The Safety of Ethyl Acetate

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Ethyl acetate is an important organic chemical raw materials. It can be used in the manufacture of acetamide, acetyl acetate, methyl heptyl ketone and others. At the same time, ethyl acetate is widely used for Flavors and fragrances, paint, pharmaceutical, advanced ink, collodion, nitrocellulose, dyestuff industries. As one of synthetic perfume in the edible essence, it is also can made for blending banana, pear, peach, pineapple, grapes, and another fragrant flavor. It is applied for extraction agent, dehydrating agent, food packaging printing. Certainly, we often see the ethyl acetate in coating, adhesive, ethyl cellulose, artificial leather, felt colorant, man-made fiber. When the ethyl acetate is regarded as adhesive, it used for printing ink, artificial precious pearl.

However, the ethyl acetate is toxic. You must be careful when using. There is stimulus to eyes, nose, and throat. Its toxicity is belonged to low toxicity category.
Sometimes ethyl acetate is very dangerous. When it encountered fire, high heat will cause combustion and explosion. Because it easy to combustion. Its vapor can form explosive mixture with air. Certainly, if it connects with oxidizing agent, the reaction will be very fierce. Its vapor is heavier than air. So, it can spread to far away in the lower and the fire could burn the back.




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