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Acetate Esters

These are related to the Acetate Esters news, in which you can learn about the updated information in Acetate Esters, to help you better understand and expand Acetate Esters market. Because the market for Acetate Esters is evolving and changing, so we recommend that you collect our website, and we will show you the latest news on a regular basis.
  • Jan
    Ester: The influence of long and short factors makes the market trend unclear

    Ester: The influence of long and short factors makes the market trend unclear1. Ethyl acetateIn December, the domestic ethyl acetate market fluctuated, and the overall trend was warmer. In the first ten days of the month, the main factory in Shandong stopped temporarily due to equipment problems, an

  • Nov
    Ester: the market performance is weak under the off-season

    Ester: the market performance is weak under the off-seasonIn November, the domestic ethyl acetate market fluctuated and went down. This month, from the raw material side, acetic acid is running weakly, ethanol is weakly fluctuating, there is no favorable guidance on the cost side, and the profit sit

  • Nov
    Toluene Applications and Risks

    What is toluene? Toluene is also known as methylbenzene, phenyl methane and toluol. It was originally extracted from the tropical Colombian tree of Myroxylon balasamum which has an aromatic extract known as tolu balsam.

  • Nov
    Ethyl acetate solvent

    The ethyl acetate solvent (CH3COOCH2CH3) offered by us is imported from reliable manufacturers. It has a very pleasant smell like that of glues or nail polish remover and is relatively non-toxic.

  • Oct
    The Safety of Ethyl Acetate

    Ethyl acetate is an important organic chemical raw materials. It can be used in the manufacture of acetamide, acetyl acetate, methyl heptyl ketone and others.

  • Feb
    Daily review of vinyl acetate: stable market focus

    Today's mainstream transactions in Shandong are between 6000-6100 yuan / ton; the current mainstream transaction in North China is 6000-6100 yuan / ton;



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